Open Body is a young theatre company from Melbourne University.
I worked with their director to create an identity that held their focus of
a “dedicated, inclusive and accessible artistic practice”.

Proxima Studio specialise in designing and making furniture for any
space. They wanted an identity system that would solidify spaces viewed in a
different way, with everything within them existing harmoniously.

'Happy Hour' is a typographic treatment for a self-directed photography
project, see more here.

Typographic treatment for The New Design Museum ISTD competition entry, letterforms were manipulated to give an altered perception of space when printed onto museum collateral.
More info here.

Indi Swim Collective is a sustainable Austrralian swimwear label.

Eco Peako is a series of working bees, music and conversations along the
Merri Creek in Northcote. 

Nirvana Gardens is a landscaping business in the northern
suburbs of Melbourne.

Mile End Bagels is a bakery/cafe in Fitzroy, Melbourne. More work
for them can be seen here, here and here.