‘ Photo Album’ was an exploration in ‘social photography’, performed as research for my honours exegesis. Reacting to the simple fact that: if most of us have cameras on our phones, which are in arms reach almost 24/7, then we must be practicing photography in some way.

For 6 hours over 3 days I spoke to strangers about the images they have inside their phones, and if they would like a physical print. A transaction would take place where the participant kept their printed photograph, and I kept the voice recording of them describing their photograph.   Collaborators would receieve their printed image in a publication packaged inside a 6 x 4 photo slip. (shown above)

An archive of transcripts developed, reimagining the photograph and honing in on where the meaningful nature of the photograph really lies: in the story attached to it. These transcripts were then uploaded into an LED sign and exhibited at the Nicholas Building in November 2018.  (shown above)
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